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Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya Nouvelles Visages

Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya is a Malaysian millionaire entrepreneur whose life would inspire many Malaysians today. Her story was a typical rags-to-riches tale which involved her working extremely hard to become one of the most prominent businesswomen of Malaysia. She however met with a tragic end when she was murdered where the case is still currently on trial.
Datuk Sosilawati was born in Batu Pahat in Johor where together with her 13 siblings had to endure some hard times in their childhood that included rubber tapping to help with the income of the family. She was also working as a door-to-door sales person to try and sell cosmetic products and when she saved enough money, she started Nouvelle Beauty Centre Sdn Bhd. The 13 years of savings would allow her to establish the NV (Nouvelles Visages) range of beauty products and this would continue to grow and today is one of the most known cosmetics brands in the region.

In 10 years, the brand would expand to other countries like Brunei, Singapore and Thailand where it would have a network of 300 stores and stockists including Malaysia. The total asset of the company was valued at RM6.37 million where she would manage it with her daughter Erni Dekritawati Yuliana Buhari.

As an entrepreneur, she was recognized by the Johor state when she was conferred the “Wanita Nadi Negara’ award and in managing such a large business empire, she became one of the best success stories of Malaysian women today. She is still being held in the highest regards among Malaysians today for her ability to come out of poverty and become one of the most successful business entrepreneurs of Malaysia. However, tragedy was to befall her when she was brutally murdered when her body and 3 others were discovered said to be over some dispute of a land sale.


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