Dato Jimmy Choo

Dato Jimmy Choo

Anyone who likes fashion and shops would surely have heard of the brand Jimmy Choo. The Jimmy Choo shoe brand comes from Penang born Dato Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat who came from a family of shoemakers. Jimmy’s shoes are synonymous with class, luxury and quality where his hand-made shows have been worn by people from all walks of life where he has been known to specifically design shoes for celebrities and royalties that include Princess Diana, Angeline Jolie and Jennifer Lopez.

Apart from Zang Toi, never before has any Malaysian man been so successfully carve a name for himself in these circles and Jimmy seemed to have done all that so effortlessly. His love for shoes came at an early age where he made his first shoe at the tender age of 11 and today, he is one of the world’s leading shoe designers desired and loved by most fashion lovers.

Jimmy graduated in 1983 from the Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney, England which is now a faculty under the prestigious London College of Fashion and in 1986, he opened his first workshop where his designs would eventually be noticed and featured in major fashion magazines in Europe and then the world. 10 years after that, he would start Jimmy Choo Ltd with Tamara Mellon and in 2001, he sold his stake to focus his time on the Jimmy Choo Couture, which was an exclusive product line.

As a designer, Jimmy is one of the most prominent Malaysians today where he is seen in major fashion and tourism related events. He is an ambassador for Malaysia where he is setting up a shoemaking institute to nurture new and young Malaysian shoe designers. Currently based in London, Jimmy’s brand has become one of the most expensive brands in the world where he currently based in London.


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