Dates and Days for Weddings

Getting married is a big thing. Only in certain circumstances are weddings planned in a hurry or hastily and in most cases, weddings need to be planned months ahead from the actual day. In Malaysia, weddings can be quite complicated due to the natural multi-cultural communities in the country. Therefore it is very common that you will find there are several types of traditions and practices when it comes to weddings.

It largely depends on whether you are a participant or a visitor to a specific wedding which will is where it will determine what you should do and such. The most important factor that you have to consider first is on what are the traditions of the family members.

In today’s environment, traditions play an important role in weddings. Many modern couples have opt to forego the elaborate practices that has been passed down by generations as they think that these practices are cumbersome, troublesome and too time-consuming.

Whether it is a Chinese, Malay, Indian or any other community wedding, traditions are bound to be there. Hence, one cannot defy these practices altogether and they should be preserved and practiced. All communities keep such practices as they are to ensure that the couple have a happy married life, hence they meant no harm.

Planning a wedding would require you to take note of the important dates that come with every tradition. This will range from the date of engagement, sending of gifts, the eve of the wedding date, the time and day of the actual wedding and other related events. This is where you must know when to do what and how to do them, and it not only applies to the more ‘traditional’ couples as the modern ones should also start adhering to them so that the marriage would be a successful and happy one in the future.




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