Critical Illness Insurance in Malaysia

A critical illness or CI plan is not the same as medical insurance. It is designed to give you financial assistance should you be diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses on the list. In most cases, you will be given a lump sum depending on the level of the disease.

How different is it from medical insurance?

Medical insurance, often referred to as the medical card is designed to give help pay your medical expenses. In some cases, the insurer will include the 36 critical illnesses as well. However, as the medical card is catered to cover all types of medical-related expenses, there could be a chance that you could use the card for other expenses besides the 36 critical illnesses. This will then deplete the amount that you can use. A critical illness insurance plan will be focused and catered fully for the 36 illnesses which means you have additional coverage. With 36 of the most common critical illnesses included, the medical expenses can be covered. However, Malaysians should be extremely concerned with coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and kidney-related diseases as they are among the top killers in the country.

Which insurer to look out for?

It must be noted that some insurers actually offer dedicated packages like cancer-plans where the policy only covers a single type of critical illness. Below are some of the common ones.

  • Allianz Prime Care (Plus) which covers up to 150 different illnesses in all stages.
  • Gibraltar BSN CI Intense Shield provides protection for treatment and loss of income.
  • AXA Affin 360 CancerCare is a plan that is dedicated to cover medical expenses for the treatment of cancer-related diseases.
  • MSIG Ladies Lifestyle – This is a policy for women and female-related critical illnesses.
  • Prudential PRUcancer X is a CI plan to protect the policyholder in paying for treatment for cancer.
  • AIA A-Plus Venus offers financial protection for women for known problems like menopause, ovarian and breast cancer.
  • AIA A-Life Cancer360 provides complete coverage for the risk of cancer with benefits for recovery and early stages.
  • AmLife HealthCare Secure pays for medical expenses for critical illnesses
  • Great Eastern Great Early Cancer Care is designed for the treatment of early stages of cancer of the policyholder.
  • RHB Critical Guard Insurance covers and protects you financially in the event of being diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • Zurich Prowell Critical Illness protects you up to the age of 100 with 100% compensation when the policy matures.
  • Manulife Cover-Me-Again is a plan in case the policyholder gets the same condition the second time.


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