COVID-19 and your insurance policy – What you should know?

Does your insurance policy cover COVID-19?

If you have medical or health insurance issued by general insurance firms, you are not protected from COVID-19. This was confirmed by the PIAM or General Insurance Association of Malaysia.

Why does general health insurance not cover COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a pandemic that is treated as a rare event. This is a high-exposure risk which means it would involve a high premium. To cover pandemics, a policy with high premiums would not be affordable for everyone.

How does the treatment of COVID-19 works related to my insurance?

At the moment, if anyone is tested positive for COVID-19, the standard operating procedure is to be treated at the public health centres. General medical insurance under the Medical and Health Insurance (MH) policies do not have such coverage for private hospitals. However, the newer policies do have these provisions.

What options to I have to have COVID-19 insurance?

Most major insurance firms have already started offering COVID-19 insurance coverage policies. As the SOPs and policies are still evolving, you need to determine what is being covered and what is not. Treatment of COVID-19 currently comes under the purview of the public centres. However, insurance coverage should provide other assurance like financial support.

How can I get insurance for COVID-19?

If you have existing medical insurance, you should double-check this with your insurance provider. If it does not cover COVID-19, then find out if you can add on a rider for your current policy. Otherwise, you can enrol a new COVID-19 policy. Most companies now have such products.

Which company should I buy insurance for COVID-19?

Since most insurance firms have COVID-19 coverage, you should find out which one suits your affordability and expectation. Some that you can take note of:

  • Prudential – Offered extension for COVID-19 hospitalization medical claims through its COVID-19 Medical Plan Coverage Campaign.
  • AIA recently offered free Covid-19 Vaccine Complications Cover and Covid-19 Diagnosis Cover for Malaysians.
  • Etiqa – e-Medical Pass Insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment costs and vaccine side-effects from as low as RM1.74 per day.
  • TokioMarine – Offered the JomVaccine Campaign with coverage for up to RM120 daily income and RM5,000 death due to COVID-19 vaccine side effects.
  • Sun Life – Complimentary coverage for its customers through the COVID-19 Vaccine Complications Fund and COVID-19 Medical Assistance Fund in the event of complications.
  • Zurich – the Z-Covac Protect that provides up to 30 days post-vaccination protection for the individual.




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