Common myths of acne – debunked!

Common myths of acne debunked

It is important that we know what exactly acne is, there have been times that we have all been guilty of being fooled into believing the rumors and myths about acne, only to feel foolish when we finally find out that it was not true all along. As scientist continue to progress with their research on acne we as consumers will benefit from the knowledge that is required.

The first myth that we will be discussing is that some people assume that acne is caused by the lack of hygiene. Although that it is true that skin infections may cause the skin to have acne, but the overall assumption that poor hygiene is the reason why people have acne outbreaks is beyond the truth. The factor that causes the acne outbreak is the combination of dead cells and oil which is impossible to clean away as it is located underneath the skin’s surface. What you can do in such a situation is to keep the skin as healthy as possible with gentle cleansing of a mild facial cleanser and water. Also take note, that exfoliating may be an option to clean away the dead cells but if you over do it you may run the risk of actually worsening the skin condition.

Another myth that needs debunking is that acne will completely heal up once it has run its course. While this may be true for some certain cases and individuals it does not apply to everyone. So the best option for this is to just get acne treatments that are available at your local drug store. The trick here is to choose the one that best suits your skin type, so it may be best to ask the pharmacist about which type of product will best suit and not make you current skin condition worst then before. If you are looking for stronger medication then you can always consult it with your dermatologist.

While it is true that sun bathing may help the condition of the acne in the short term as the sun will help dry out the excess oils but after a while the skin will adapt to it and the acne will remain as it is. And worst of all if you over expose yourself to the sun’s rays; you can actually get skin cancer from it, so don’t get any ideas that doing it more will make your acne heal faster. It is best to avoid the sun from 10am to 3pm where the sun’s ray is at its strongest. Also if you are looking for a miracle serum that will help you fight the signs of aging then look no further, the answer to all your problems can be found in the bottle of sunscreen. Forget about all those fancy creams lotions that you can never pronounce and that cost you your month’s salary. Studies have shown that sunscreen lotion is the only effective product that will help you defy the signs of aging, not to mention that you will save a bundle as well.

Acne will begin to appear once the teenager hits puberty, however that does not mean that acne is only exclusive to teenagers. Usually for these people acne will clear up in their early 20s; however there are still some out there that will experience their first acne outbreak in their late 40s. And for the very unfortunate ones acne flare-ups will become part of them for the rest of their lives. So no – it is not true that only teenagers will experience acne problems.

Whatever reason you have for popping your pimples – don’t! If you think that popping them will help you get rid of them then you are wrong as instead of getting rid of it, you will actually help in spreading the bacteria that causes the acne. This will result in making the acne worse then before and even worse it may cause permanent scarring of the skin. So when you have that irresistible urge to pop those pimples think of what it can do to your skin first.

Many people do not know that having acne can actually cause more than just affecting the outer appearance. In some cases they can lead to deep psychological impacts that people are just not aware about and this includes the people that are suffering from acne. Low self image and feeling depressed are usually associated with having severe acne, which may result in social withdrawal. So curing acne is not just about being vain, sometimes it is far from it as you can see with the examples provided.

Certain foods have long been associated with the production of acne; such examples include sugar, chocolate and potato chips. However, recent studies have shown that these claims are not true as these foods you eat do not have the ability to cause acne outbreaks. However, there are some foods out there that can further aggravate the condition of the acne such as foods that contain high levels of iodine which includes seafood and milk.

This particular myth holds true for most of the things that you basically do in life which is over doing something can cause the reverse to happen. So do not get any funny ideas that the more acne mediation you apply the better. You may think that applying more medication will help with the worsening condition of the acne by irritating the skin further. However, doing such a thing will only make the matter worse as taking the medication in large quantities may pose a threat to your health.

Acne is not caused by make up, while there are some products out there that clog the pores which is bad for the health of the skin, they are not the main cause of an acne outbreak. Generally you should choose make up that are labeled as non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic which means that they are safe to use. In fact there are some cosmetic companies that produce products which contains ingredients that can treat acne. The key to this is to do your research, usually the rule of thumb for health freaks are they only purchase items that they know what goes into them. While you do not have to go to that extreme, it would be safer for you to understand the ingredients of the products that you are using in order for you to get the desired results.

The final myth that needs to be debunked is that too much of sex will cause the outbreak of acne. There has been no concrete scientific study that supports this claim that having sex will produce sebum, which is the oily substance if combined with the dead skin cells will produce acne. However, there have been links between that of hormone production and sexual activities.


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