Clara International

In Malaysia, not many homegrown brands can last as long as the likes of Clara International. This name has been in the market for nearly 20 years and it has continue to grow in market and customer base ever since.

History of Clara International

The Clara International brand was founded by Prof. Datin Dr. Clara L. Chee. Since being established in 1997, Clara International Beauty Group has already grown to the entire country while having a strong presence in Asia and in other parts of the world.

Then, it only had one outlet in Petaling Jaya. Today, Clara International has more than 50 branches across. This includes countries like India, Myanmar, China, Dubai, Pakistan and the Philippines, to name a few. What Dr Clara brings with her in this brand is not only her expertise which dates back to 1967 but her passion in providing safe and practical beauty produces.

Quality products from Clara International

Dr Clara is very committed in offering the best products for her customers which is why she is very involved in the formulation of skin and beauty products. Today, products from Clara International are manufactured in plants in Malaysia and in China. So committed is her to quality that the plant is endorsed by the Ministry of Health with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) as well as the MS ISO 9001:2000.

Other certifications

Besides offering products made with the highest quality and most stringent guidelines, Clara International’s range are all certified Halal by JAKIM. It was once recognized as Malaysia’s Superbrand in 2003/2004. Clara International takes pride in offering products that are totally alcohol free and do not involve any animal testing.

Products by Clara International

All products by Clara International has gone through very strict manufacturing processes at the highest possible quality. Among the categories of products offered by Clara International include:

  1. Concentrate
  2. Cleanser/Milk
  3. Cream
  4. Toner/Lotion
  5. Professional Salon Treatment Lotion
  6. Professional Salon Treatment Gel
  7. Body Slimming Range
  8. Beautiful Sphere Range
  9. Hypersensitive Range
  10. Essential & Massage Oil
  11. Mask
  12. Travel Set
  13. Hair Shampoo

Clara International Beauty Schools

Besides offering an extensive range of products, Clara International is involved in education as well. This is where the brand is involved in grooming beauty experts through its CIAC or Clara International Aesthetic College. Being the largest beauty academy in Asia, it has been operational since 1979 where it has already groomed more than 10,000 beauty experts for both the local and international markets where qualifications include diplomas, certificates, World Complexion Certificate and many others.

Where to buy Clara International products

Basically, Clara International operates their own beauty salons across the country. Apart from that, entrepreneurs and beauty experts who seek to own and operate their own salons can get involved in the franchise program offered by Clara International. As such, individuals who are passionate about this industry will have fresh opportunities to operate their own business while staying true to what they love. This is offered through Clara Network Sdn Bhd which manages the franchise arm of this brand which has since been expanded to many countries across Asia and into the United States as well.


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