Are you still buying Samsung phone? That’s lame..

If you haven’t already known it by now, the mobile and smartphone market is no longer dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung. In fact, with China brands entering the market, the whole scenario has changed and the landscape is no longer the same.

Among the China brands that have entered the global (and Malaysia) market includes Huawei, Lenovo and XiaoMi. Lenovo was originally the mobile device arm of IBM which has became one of the top smartphone sellers in 2013.

Huawei which used to be mainly involved telecommunication devices and services have already starting making inroads with its affordable tablets and phones while XiaoMi was previously involved with mobile devices like powerbanks and such. In Malaysia, XiaoMi has already created headlines with its range of under RM800 smartphones capable of matching the Korean brands. And then, there are the others like Oppa with its N1 which has gotten everyone in the market talking.