Child in the car – danger or safety

Most of us are well aware that keeping our children in the car sometimes is safe. Whether we are re-fueling the car, going to the toilet, withdrawing cash at the ATM or anything at all, it seems that leaving them in the car would be the best possible solution. After all, if you are in the supermarket, even if it is for a while, the doors are locked, the windows are slightly opened, what else can go wrong? You have to first overcome the thought of someone smashing the car window and grabbing your child away and yet there are certain other factors to consider, like heat.

To say the least, parents have the tendency to leave their kids in the car whenever they get out for a while. No doubt sometimes you have to go to the toilet at the stops which can be highly inconvenient if you have a kid with you, but it is all about adjustments and maneuvering your movements on and about. So you have to learn from there.
 With a partially opened window, heat can creep into the car and poise danger to the child, particularly when we are living in a tropical country like ours. In countries where there are summer in the calendar year, it might be not as hazardous but with our climate here being erratic throughout the year, it is better not to take any chances.

Take note that during the day, if the window of your car is partially open, it does not take long for heat to reach a high point which can happen in a matter of minutes. Records shown that 8 minutes is all it takes for temperature inside the car to reach 125 from 80. Having said that, most parents are aware that leaving their kids in the car might not be such a good idea and try by all means not for such events to occur. But you cannot discount the fact that a lot of parents forget that their baby was in the car and worse still some kids managed to find their ways into the car and then accidentally locked in where the child lock function are activated. So it is important to be well aware of what is going on around you and if possible take all precautionary steps to ensure that this does not occur.


Keep items out of children’s reach

Always ensure that you have your car keys away from your kids. Put them higher into the key box instead of on your couch or coffee tables. While children might not know how to open a car themselves you never know when they will learn. After all, they see you do it all the time, and pressing buttons are considered fun to them. Always keep your cars locked at all times. Some families believe that their porches are safe enough and do not need to lock their cars. While this might be an invitation for burglars, you never know when your kid will be able to climb into the car, play driver and not able to get out.


Remind yourself

For the parents who tend to be forgetful, you will need some sort of reminder that you have a kid on board your car. So when you are off to the supermarket or the toilet, you are well aware that you have a kid in the backseat. There are car stickers or post-it notes that you can use to constantly remind yourself that your kid is behind the car so that even if you have to leave them in the car, you should just do so for 1 or 2 minutes. This will eliminate parents who are shopping in supermarkets and drifts off when they bump into a friend and start chatting away. Use technology where you can, you always have a reminder in your mobile phone or an alarm.


Educate your child

As your kid grows older, you must teach them the importance of not being in the car without the presence of a known adult. A parent, a sibling or a relative must be there whenever they are in the car. This will ensure that they know what they can do and what they should not.


Eliminate chances of locking in

Wherever possible, you should own a car that does not allow you to open the car boot from the back seat. Kids in their own creativity and exploration might be able to open them and then lock themselves in the boot which can be highly dangerous. Child locks are important but you must be aware of when to activate and when to de-activate them.



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