Cesarean or natural birth?

Cesarean or natural birth?

For women who are pregnant, there will be 2 factors that will drive your excitement during this time. First, the gender of your baby which can usually be determined around the second trimester of the pregnancy and the second would be how you are going to give birth to your baby when the time comes.

The question on whether you should go for Cesarean or a natural birth would constantly be on your mind and you must be careful not to be overly obsessed with these issues. It would be up to the time of labour that will determine how the birth will take place. Therefore, it would be best to let nature take its course instead of deciding beforehand.

Nature Rules

The most important thing you should do is that nature will eventually decide how your baby will be born. Unless you are 100% sure that you cannot take the pain of a natural birth and decides on going for Cesarean, you should opt for the former. This is because nature rules dictate that babies will be born the traditional way that has been done for millenniums. You should only opt for a Cesarean birth if a natural birth is going to get complicated.

Costing Difference Between Cesarean and Natural

If everything goes well, a natural birth will surely be cheaper than a Cesarean one. However, the cost might double if you try for a natural birth only to change to a Cesarean birth during labour. This is a cost that is worth paying for as you have exhausted the natural birth option.

Remember that when you are consulted by private doctors in private hospitals that there might be unscrupulous ones who want you to use the Cesarean method as they will earn more from the surgery. On top of that, Cesarean surgery is less complicated as compared to natural ones. When consulting your gynecologist, make sure that they are not ‘scaring’ you that natural birth is very painful and that there will be complications. Such scare tactics are meant to create the fear of natural birth and thereby driving you to request for a Cesarean birth.

If you are experience the fear of seeing your gynecologist as he keeps on harping on the pain of natural childbirth, then change him. See another one because a professional doctor will ALWAYS encourage you to have a natural childbirth instead of a Cesarean one. In fact, it is the doctor’s duty and responsibility to talk you out of going for Cesarean if you have decided beforehand.



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