Can Can Handmade

As the name implies, Can Can Handmade is an interesting cosmetics brand which is very much handmade. Offering a wide range of skincare and beauty products, Can Can Handmade products are intended to offer customers who desire fairer skin tones and such. This is because most cosmetics brands are mostly concerned with offering products without being too concerned with the skin tone of the consumer.

Background of Can Can Handmade

Can Can Handmade was established in 2015. It was developed to be a handmade skincare range stemming from the desire of the founder for fairer skin after being discouraged into believing that having deeper skin tone was somewhat a flaw and that something needs to be done for these consumers.
Her partner meanwhile had bad experiences when buying makeup overseas and that was what prompted them both to create their own brand primarily for those with middle to deep skin tones.

Products by Can Can Handmade

Can Can Handmade currently offer a range of lipstick products which as mentioned are very suitable for women who have darker-toned skins. This include:

  1. CaliFouRnia – At RM209, this package includes all 4 different tones offered by Can Can Handmade
  2. Cherry Bomb – RM59 each
  3. Double Trouble – consists of 2 shades of lipsticks priced at RM109
  4. Flaunt – RM59 each
  5. Flirt – RM59
  6. Muse – RM59 each
  7. The F Bomb – Consists of 2 shades priced at RM109

Where to buy Can Can Handmade products

Can Can Handmade has been successful in offering its range of products in this market segment. At the moment, its products are available for purchase online through its website while customers are able to contact the brand owner through its social media pages for more information or on purchase arrangements.


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