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Types of Online 3D Games

Three-dimensional (3D) games use 3D representation of geometric data available in the computer to render 2D images. These games are gaining wider acceptance due to the interesting and colourful graphics. Players do not have to wear special glasses to feel the effect because these graphics are created to look real and alive to ensure the players feel the vibe as they play the games.
While you are required to wear 3D glasses on a big screen to feed different images on your eyes, 3D video games are designed with the playing area within the game to capture players’ attention. These 3D games range from sports to shooting and simulations to racing.

Online 3D sports games are well-liked by kids and adults as the games preview as a showcase of realism. Most of the online 3D sports games come in the form of extreme sports such as skateboarding. However, simpler 3D games such as baseball, basketball and golf were created to appeal to younger players. One of the most popular online 3D sport games is motocross. Motocross (motorcycle racing) are designed with different tracks such as muddy tracks and hills to add excitement to the game. Up to 40 players can play the game simultaneously.

Online shooting games that have incorporated 3D technology are becoming more popular. Players are mostly attracted to the realistic settings as they shoot and fire villains or alien invaders. As the games offer different environments, players can challenge themselves by selecting different environment and scenario during each session.

The exciting and superb graphics in racing games allow players to test their racing skills by racing down crowded streets or in the space. You can practically race anything from cars to trucks, bikes to boats, even horses and airplanes. One of the more popular racing games is crazy taxi where players have to jump over other cars and reach the checkpoints within a period of time.

Massively multi player online games

Massively multi-player online game or more commonly known as MMO is a multi-player game that allows more than one player to join in a game simultaneously. Certain games even allow up to hundreds of players to play the same game at the same time. However, MMO can only be played over the Internet. Back in the olden days, these MMOGs can only be played on personal computers.

But nevertheless, the rapid development of technology allows PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo DSI and Wii as well as Play station allows Internet access thus MMO games can run on these devices. In addition to that, the creation of Google’s Android, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone also increase the availability of MMO games in the market.

The development of MMOG means players around the world can interact and compete with one another on a large scale. There are various types of MMOGs developed over the years to appeal to different players. Among some of the more popular MMOGs are first-person shooter, role-playing game, racing, social game, real-world simulations and management games.

MMO first-person shooter is one of the most popular online gaming genre that requires more than one player to play simultaneously. Sometimes, the games are team-based combat thus allowing different players to join and compete against one another. Some of the best first-person shooter games are Call of Modern Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and World War II.

On the other hand, MMOG role-playing game is also another popular online gaming genre that allows large number of players to cooperate and interact with one another in a fantasy world. The biggest MMOG role-playing game over the years is none other than World of Warcraft. Players are required to complete the quests given by exploring the landscape and fight against monsters to progress to the next level.

Computer Game Development courses

If you like computer games and aspires to become a developer in this field there are more than enough choices in the market which are readily available and teaches you about all you need to know about this field. Typically, you will be learning about creating and designing video games which starts with the conceptualization, modeling, the development and in some courses, the marketing of your skills and products.

If you think that the career for game developers are only available in countries like the United States and Europe, then you are wrong because in recent years, there has been an increase of computer gaming companies in Malaysia as well as in the Asean region. The local industry is growing with more demand for local content while major companies like Lucas Arts Inc has since established their presence in Singapore.

In a typical games development degree, you will cover areas like developing Games Engines, Imaging and Special Effects, Audio for Computer Games and very importantly 3D Computer Graphics among many others. Usually degrees in computer games development is 3 years where you will need to have some technical background as well as some interest for the creative fields in order to integrate both before producing an attractive and marketable product.

Games Development degree with UCTI

If you are interested in learning and gaining an academic qualification in games development, then you might want to consider UCTI or Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation as it is one of the top Information Technology institutes of higher learning in Malaysia. Formerly known as APIIT or Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology when it was established in 1993, it has since grown to become one of the premier private universities in the country.

In UCTI’s computer games development programme, you will be able to learn to become a digital games developer and be part of the multi billion dollar industry in the world today. You will undergo a Foundation Programme where you will first learn about the fundamentals and basics of the computer system and Information Technology. It is a 3 semester/1 year course and you will need to have at least 5 credits in SPM to be eligible. After that, you will undergo a 3 year degree course where you will learn about the dynamics and how games are developed. If you are coming in from STPM, 2 principal passes will qualify you for the course. The total course fee for the degree course is around RM55,000 and you will be en route towards becoming games programmers, developers and animators.

Digital Gaming Magazine

Digital gaming is a huge industry which can bring in millions of dollars in profit with the right product and the right time through magazine. Most people who have been caught off with the current trend will be able to attest to this. Games like Angry Birds have since garnered millions of fans from around the world and since it has been incorporated by social network Facebook, its popularity will continue to rise and more people will become more ‘addicted’.

With the advent of better internet access and more content oriented games, this industry will only continue to grow positively if the developers are able to inject the right ingredients and entice its players to continue playing the games.

Where this is concerned, stand alone games are no longer the preferred choice what with network games providing more real time and experiential environments. Furthermore, the provision of mobile networks and games for the platform like Android, Symbian and Apple makes the whole industry much more exciting and anticipated. Today, digital gaming stems from the mobile phone and goes into the internet with networks being the main focus of gamers around the world. Console games like the Playstation, the Wii have already rode on the bandwagon providing a much more vibrant and dynamic market for digital gaming.

Android, Apple Apps, Symbian applications

The gaming industry is a strong and vibrant market what with the rising demand for smartphones like iPhone, Android phones and such. With more computing power in place, more mobility provided and cheaper cost of these devices, it is only natural that more applications are needed and desired by the users. Hence, the need for developers of such applications become a vital part of the whole eco-system.

What do you need to do to develop an application for the phones today? The most important element about any game made for phones would be it the size and simplicity of the game which must at the same time be equally enticing if not addictive.

Make no mistake about it, Android is not created by Google but was made popular by the world leader in search engine who developed it until what it is today. Android phones are cheaper if compared to the iPhone as it has more variety and its applications are easier to obtain as there are many free applications out there that can be downloaded to the phone.

On the other hand, the Symbian platform is one which is made popular with Nokia manufacturer and others which have also been growing in its own pace. The most popular platform at the moment would the Apple Apps which is developed and owned by Apple for its iPhone smartphone. Apple Apps could also be downloaded for free although the majority of the apps require a nominal fee for purchase.

Developing a mobile game

The first thing that you must do if you want to develop a mobile application (in this context, anAndroid game) is the concept. You must be imaginative, creative and be well aware of what toexpect from the gamer. From there, you can then move on to create and develop the game beforeyou can post it for download. While learning the language to develop an Android Game is not asdifficult as learning a whole new programming language, you need to first have some backgroundknowledge of the computing tool.

There are quite a list of technical tools which you must be accustomed to for instance the AndroidSDK or Software Development Kit which consists of the libraries, the tools and almost all you needto develop an application. You must also learn about the architecture of how the SDK could work onbefore embarking on development. There are countless online tutorials which you can refer to whilesample codes are also available everywhere. So unless you are a professional developer, you willneed to start referring and learning and then you will need to practice until you get it right.

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