Attractions in Malaysia

Want to find out where the top attractions are in Malaysia? Do you know what there are locations in the country which are featured as the top travel attractions in the world? Whether it is an island, a highland, a city, a historical landmark, an architecture wonder or just about anything that might attract tourists, you can find the information here. Check out the listings of the best places to go and spots for experience and you will not regret it. Events, whether cultural or traditional, historical or contemporary are featured here to get you ready.

Pasir Salak Historical Complex

The rich history and heritage of Perak makes a great state to marvel into. It has some of the most exciting and intriguing complexes built

Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, Sabah

One of the iconic species of Malaysia is the Orang Utan. Known for their peaceful demeanour and pleasant personas, the Orang Utan is a great

Monkey Tops Safari in Sabah

When in Sabah, the most common attractions here would usually be of rich natural flora and fauna, highlands, beaches and such. There are highlands here,

Kuching Cat Museum

One of the trademarks about Kuching the state capital of Sarawak is its cats. The name Kuching is the BM word for cats after all,

Masjid Negara

Islam is the official religion is Malaysia while people from all walks of life are free to practice other faiths like Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism,

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