Building a good relationship with your children

Good relationship with your children

Adults are spending more time to work while kids prefer to sit in front of the latest technology surfing various social networks to connect with people around the world. Unfortunately, gone are the days when parents would spend a great deal of time with their kids to build a good relationship. These days, parents believe that showering the kids with gifts indicate their love and warmth and may help to build a good relationship.  But the sad truth is building a strong relationship with kids is never easy.  If you are spending a great deal of time out of the house to work, then change your routine from today onwards. One of the most effective techniques to build a good relationship with your children is by spending as much time as you can to talk to the kids. Find out what’s happening in their lives.

Refrain from talking non-stop but instead, ask your kids what they think of themselves and allow them to talk about their achievements and ambitions. In other words, parents should talk less and listen more to the children. Treat them like adults and provide them with guidance and advice. Do not force them to follow your instructions and opinions blindly. After all, everyone makes mistake and everybody has the right to their opinion. Do not criticize your children even when they commit mistakes. Give them encouraging words because judging them would only make them feel worthless.  It is best to use encouraging words instead of praising the children. This is because encouragement focuses on the kids’ sense of self-worth. Encouraging remarks let the kids feel special.

It is your responsibility to control and correct the kids when they commit mistakes. But try not to be too controlling (in every aspect of their lives) because it will eventually led the kids to become rebellious. An important tip for parents – do not allow control to take over the relationship. Among some other little actions that will help to build and foster a good relationship include having a conversation over breakfast, lunch and dinnertime; greet the child by name when they walk into the door, recognize their good behavior, give compliments when necessary, set a family day at least once a month, attend extracurricular activities with your child, and treat all your children fair and firm. Once you get to know your child, you will enjoy more fun time with them.




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