Build a super-fast PC with SSD and Windows 8

The recent launch of Microsoft Windows 8 has boosted the whole computing industry. In fact, it was quite an anticipate move as end user computing can now enjoy the best of both worlds, the mobile and the not-so-mobile operating system coming from the most well-known OS developer in the world.

It can be said that Microsoft has learnt its lesson of not taking its customer ransom especially with their OS. This was seen in the Windows Vista era when many turned away from Microsoft as it was not as good as they perceived.

Today, Windows 8 is one of the most suitable platforms which run a lot of software. After all, Microsoft’s products are usually backward compatible while there is a whole new list of new apps in the market waiting to be tested.

So there is no doubt that Microsoft’s Windows 8 is the way forward if you are looking to buy a PC soon. Now to the hardware.

It is no surprise that no matter how fast and powerful your machine is, it is always the age-old hard drive that creates the bottleneck. With the need for speed and industry-makers racing to find ways to up the efficiency of the machines, the SSD or solid-state drive seems to be the answer.

You can view SSD as a more sophisticated version of the thumb drive. Although using memory to store data has been used for many years, it was only in the last 1 year or so that SSDs become more mainstream. The advantages of SSD over conventional hard drives are endless.

SSDs have yet to reach the Terabyte brackets of the hard drive but with the volatile pricing market of computer hardware, that won’t take too long. Not using the platter that rotates and the read-write head that moves about with fragility gives the SSD a good head start. In fact, its wear and tear will last a lot longer than hard drives.

SSDs have no latency as they are purely flash memory which means that reading and writing is way faster. You can now build a Super-Fast PC using SSD. All you need is an entry-level 128GB space SSD, coupled with the mega-fast Windows 8 and you will experience speed like never before. You can install Windows as your primary OS while the processor and RAM can be standard. As you have now cleared the bottleneck by eliminating that irritating old hard drive, you have a PC which is not only fast, but highly efficient as well.


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