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Welcome to, Malaysia’s premier bridal portal. We are constantly segregating the information and collections to bring you a resourceful wedding portal for Malaysians. is a Malaysian one stop wedding portal. The site is aimed to provide anyone looking for information to help in their wedding preparations. While it is always a difficult task to coordinate the entire event, is the best place to find all the resources you need.
Getting married soon
This section provides the best resources on what to expect as the wedding approaches. The sub sections here are further divided into sub sections like Malay weddings, Chinese Weddings, Indian Weddings, etc. from here, one can identify what are the different traditions and what to expect come the wedding day. Check this section for updates on updated traditions and such. Apart from that, this section also provides the dos and don’ts, the things to look out for as well.
New practices.
This section provide the information on different creative ideas of people who have gotten married and their stories. Browse this section to find fresh ideas on how to make your special day really extraordinary.
Wedding directory
This is a comprehensive directory of wedding services provided for the big day. Bridal house, wedding planners, ceremonial services are businesses welcomed to list their information here.
Submit your request
We recognize that each wedding is unique from another and as such, we welcome your request for any additional information or some customized requests where our panel will look into and advise you accordingly.
Our forum is vibrantly active at all times where you are free to talk about all the issues pertaining to your wedding. Share your stories with the community, give ratings to certain bridal houses, encourage those who are going to get married.
For those who are going to get married, you are bound to have many questions, register for an ID and post your queries here and let the community help you.

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