Breena Beauty


Every once a while, a new cosmetics brand will surface in this industry. But not every brand will make it through especially when it is launched with much passion. That is what Breena Beauty is all about, a cosmetics brand from Malaysia which is designed and made to be affordable but without compromising on quality and beauty.

Breena Beauty’s background

The brand Breena Beauty was founded by Sabrina Tajudin, a very popular Malaysian blogger. Started out in 2014, the product range from Breena Beauty of the best quality where among its earlier product, the Face Luxe Brush met with a lot of success. Since then, Breena Beauty has expanded their reach to offer more options for its customers.

What makes Breena Beauty such a distinguished brand is that it has a strong presence online. Since it was founded by a renowned blogger, this comes as no surprise as the brand can leverage on social media and other networks to build its brand presence while offering online purchasing as well. As such, customers and other interested parties are constantly updated on Breena Beauty’s Facebook and Instagram pages, among others.

Products by Breena Beauty

One of the most popular products by Breena Beauty is their Face Luxe Brush which as mentioned has been widely popular. Besides that, Breena Beauty offers products like:

  1. Blending Pearl
  2. Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipsticks – The lipstick range by Breena Beauty has a distinctive feature where they are not the same like other liquid lipsticks. This is because Breena Beauty’s range has very pretty colours and has a long-lasting effect. They are creamy with a very good fragrance to them.
  3. Makeup brushes – this is where you can choose between the face or eye brush respectively

How to buy Breena Beauty Products?

At the moment, orders can be placed online through their own website while you can buy through Hermo as well. As an online-based retailer, buyers from anywhere across the world can buy Breena Beauty products. In Malaysia, Breena Beauty is offering free delivery for orders above RM180.

At the same time, Breena Beauty is constantly on the lookout for anyone interested to join in their business. This could be a stockist, agent or reseller. Those interested to venture into dropship programmes can be involved too where you can be the seller and look for customers while Breena Beauty will fulfil the orders required.




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