Bidayuh women told to be cautious of foreign drug trafficking boyfriends particularly Nigerians

Bidayuh women told to be cautious of foreign drug trafficking boyfriends particularly Nigerians

Datuk Dr James Dawos, the Deputy Minister of Tourism has warned the Bidahuy women in Sarawak to be cautious of any syndicates who are operating in their community who might be out to dupe them into carrying drugs to other countries. Dr James said that the syndicates which are foreign drug traffickers have been using all types of scams and has tricked an increasing number of Malaysian women recently.

One of the most common methods used is through the Internet where the foreign drug traffickers have reportedly been trying to trick Malaysian women into helping them smuggle drugs to other countries like China and Australia. Many cases have involved the Bidayuh women while others have been tricked by African men whom they meet online before agreeing to carry packages for them. Oblivious to them is the fact that these packages would usually contain illegal drugs like heroin and others.

He highlighted the issue to the Bidayuh women where he cited a recent case involving 2 women from the community who were cheated by their online boyfriends who are Nigerians to become drug mules. They were from Kampung Seratau and Kampung Annah Rais and were arrested when they were passing into Australia.

Dr James who is the MP of Mambong called on parents to try and monitor their daughters’ social activities and if possible prevent them from interacting with Africans, particularly Nigerians and ensure that they are not manipulated by these so-called foreign boyfriends, who operate both on and off the internet. He added that the syndicate does not only target women as there are also cases where men were also involved where a recent case saw 4 men who were supposedly being offered jobs in Peninsular Malaysia were forced into working for the syndicate when they arrived at the national capital.

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