Better transparency with need EC reforms

Better transparency with need EC reforms

The recent proactive move by the EC (Election Commission) that made some changes to the electoral process has brought about some positive reviews. In fact, it has been said to have created more transparency which have been needed all this while. Among the most significant move by the EC is the confirmation of using indelible ink, a call which have been demanded since the last general election.

This was part of the recommendation made by the PSC (Parliamentary Select Committee) which also include many others and it is now confirmed which means it is a step in many to ensure a fairer and more transparent electoral process. This move is very much welcomed considering that there have always been allegations of electoral fraud using the old pencil and marking system.

Some see it as a way of regaining the people’s confidence after the opposition had constantly alleged that vote rigging is rampant, particularly and most obviously when the BN (Barisan Nasional) wins. The Bersih 2.0 movement has been fighting for this cause and it is not as if the government has backed down and accepted Bersih’s cause but more so to ensure that they want to portray a fair image.

This will surely give the government more credibility while it also proves that the government cannot continue to deny the claims of double voting, rigging the electoral role as well as phantom voters. With indelible ink, there will be no longer anything to hide and the legal courts will be raked in when situations of dispute arise. This is just some of the several moves that the EC will be putting in place where once they are done, it would surely give the EC more power to ensure better and more efficient polls. One of the issues that need to be filtered out before the next election would be on postal voters. The EC is applying for them to be allowed advanced voting in the presence of the contestants or their representatives and this will minimize the postal votes which have been a contentious issue all the time.

The best way to ensure transparency in voting might be the use of technology although the system is still far from being ready. But the use of indelible ink would surely be a step into the right direction.

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