Best Novels in Malaysia

Best Novels in Malaysia

The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht

Being a winner of the 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction is no easy feat. Obreht’s new book comes with what is expected of superior story telling of which she will surely establish herself as one of the most promising authors of her time with this offering where she weaves around with her tale of love and family history.

The story is told of Natalia, who is a young doctor on a mission to a Balkan country which is on the road to recovery after years of conflict with her long time friend Zora. They both set out to help the children there only to discover that there are more hurdles than just acceptance of medicine. This is where the story unfolds into a more dramatic twist where there exist secrets among the community which are kept from her.

In fact, the people there are so secretive it is almost impossible to get something out of them who are trying to keep under wraps that of a family who peculiarly is trying to find something in the vineyards there. Natalia in this story also has a mystery to bring with her about the death of her grandfather there. Its mysteries after mysteries with this one, so would surely be quite a page turner.


The Man in the White Suit: The Stig, Le Mans, the Fast Lane and Me

This book is surely for the fans of the widely successful automotive television series, Top Gear which for many years kept under wraps the true identity of ‘The Stig’ who wore a crash helmet and a spaceman suit in the show. To talk about such a person and that if you want to finish reading this roughly 350 page book, you must either be a true fan of the show or the author did a splendid job keeping you glued. The thing is, the latter seemed to be the case here. In fact, you need not be that big of a fan of Top Gear to like this book.

Ben Colins a.k.a The Stig give his accounts on being the role that was both mysterious as well as integral to the show. In fact, by reading what actually goes behind the production of the show will give you an interesting insight into how The Stig was regarded in the series. As he was practically an ‘unknown’ as his name was never mentioned, (except for The Stig of course), one would have expected that he would not be given any big roles. But it is in his passion for the machines that he continued and eventually created a name for himself.


Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

First things first, the Shopahlolic serried when created by Sophie Kinsella has been an international success. The franchise has gone on to many series and even got a movie made out of it. It did not really do as well as other blockbusters because it is meant for Kinsella enthusiasts. If you have not followed the character in the book, it is somewhat difficult to follow it in the movie.

So are her books. You need to associate yourself with the characters. It is quite an anticipated move by Kinsella since her announcement that another Shopaholic is in the works. The story goes now that Becky Brandon’s dive into motherhood seemed harder than she thought when her genes were manifested by her 2 year old Minnie who seemed to be quite a difficult child to handle.

She is giving Becky quite a lot of figure out when Minnie is randomly hiring taxies and creating havoc everywhere she goes.  And coupled with the fact that Becky and Luke are still living with her parents are not doing them any favours. Its Murphy’s law throughout with Becky keeping a secret of throwing a party for Luke and eventually, Luke too have a secret kept from her too.


Notes to the Prime Minister: The Untold Story of How Malaysia Beat the Currency Speculators

Written by Sulong Wong, this book gives an account on some of the unpublished discussions between the former prime minster of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, who was Mahathir’s unofficial economic advisor during the 1997 economic crisis. It was at this time that the Malaysian currency, the Ringgit was hit by speculators and hedge fund investors who almost cause it to become valueless.

It was at this time that the stock and property market were all affected and was crashing at a break neck speed. Asian countries like South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand were all feeling the heat and had to seek refuge through loans from the IMF or the International Monetary Fund which caused them to be subjected to some conditions which might not be too favorable to them.

Not to be taken hostage by such conditions, Mahathir fearlessly rejected the solution of seeking the IMF and came out with a  solution which was to peg the Malaysian Ringgit to a certain value (RM3.80) against the US Dollar. It was an unorthodox move by the premier then but it eventually turned out to be one of the most successful and remarkable achievements of Mahathir ever. This book tells how he discussed those that need to be done with Yakcop and how they derived a plan which kept Malaysia’s economy stable and free from outside intervention.


The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques by Barry Andersonand Janie L. Geyen

These days, digital cameras are everywhere. They are in the mobile phones, in laptop computers and they even have HD enabled video cameras too. Prices of such devices are constantly falling and it has since become very affordable for anyone to own a DSLR camera and start embarking on their hobby or even a career in photography.

So the question is, are you ready? Do you have the techniques and skills required? If you don’t then this book would be quite the right place to start. It provides you with the drill down on equipments and what you need to get a good headstart.

It is very easy to just point and shoot but if you haven’t the skills to make a good video then it will not get you the desired results, so this book is a great guide to refer to. It helps you to fully utilize what is provided in your DSLR camera and its HD capabilities and you will be able to push it to its fullest potential. You might feel or think that you have all it takes to be a great photographer because you know your machine well, but there are always more to learn and more to use in the device that you can ever imagine.

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