Best family road trips in Malaysia

Are you planning a family outing but has no idea where to go? Do you want to enjoy the best of Malaysia with your family members at your own pace? Check out the best family road trips below.

Around Peninsular Malaysia

In Peninsular (West) Malaysia alone, you can enjoy some of the most scenic landscapes and make stops at cultural villages. Here are some:

To the east coast to Cherating

This is a great trip to go where you will come across some beautiful sights of caves and nature.

  • Time needed: 4 to 5 days
  • Distance: About 350km

What you get to see around here is a part of the beautiful rainforest of Taman Negara, Fraser’s Hill and end it at the spectacular beaches of Cherating.
Take the route up to Fraser’s Hill on your way and you can enjoy the cooling weather of the highlands. Then, check out the tropical forest of Taman Negara before heading out to enjoy the sun and sea of Cherating.

Up to Cameron Highlands

Nothing beats the cool weather of Cameron Highlands as you take a drive from Kuala Lumpur. Indulge into Mossy Forest where the clouds come close to the grounds amidst the trees. Check out the largest tea plantations or take some time to shop at the strawberry parks.

  • Time needed: 3 to 4 days
  • Distance: About 200 to 250 km

Head south to theme parks in Johor Bahru

This would be a treat for the young ones. There is bound to be something for everyone as you drive down south to Johor Bahru. Legoland Malaysia awaits or you can visit the Puteri Harbour Theme Park. The shopaholic can indulge in some spending at the Premium Outlet or head out to the entertainment outlets there.

  • Time needed: 3 days ideally
  • Distance: About 350 km

Along the way from Kuala Lumpur, stop by at Melaka to see the sights of some historical structures. Then, head into Muar for some aromatic Kopi ‘O’ and local snacks.

To the north to Penang and east to Kota Bharu

Start from Kuala Lumpur and head north towards Penang. There, you will enjoy the best local hawker foods in the entire Malaysia. Besides that, there is Batu Feringghi which is a renowned seaside resort.
After that, take a drive towards the east to Kota Bahru. There, drive towards Belum State Park where you will be within some of the most beautiful flora and fauna of the country. Other interesting parts here include Lake Temenggor and Pulau Bindung or head to Kuala Krai for some local experiences.

  • Time needed: 5 days to a week
  • Distance: About 400 km

Visit Ipoh for some chicken rice

This is quite a common activity for families. You can practically take a drive to Ipoh and enjoy the infamous chicken rice there or visit Kellie’s Castle. While you are there, check out the Lost World of Tambun or stop by Taiping for some nostalgic pictures. In Taiping, you can visit the exciting Taiping Zoo or wander around the lake.

  • Time needed: 3 to 4 days
  • Distance: Less than 200km

Get into nature in East Malaysia

Over in East Malaysia, driving will be challenging because the roads are still in the development stages.

Take the challenge to Sandakan from KK

If you like the mountains and hope to see some orang utans, this road trip would be good. Along the way, you will enjoy the beautiful and spectacular Gunung Kinabalu. Check in to Poring Hot Springs or hike up to Mesilau Park, excellent!

  • Days needed: About 3 to 4 days
  • Distance: about 300 km

Visit Mulu National Park from Miro

Usually, people will take a flight here. But if you like the adventure, driving from Miri would be really nice.

  • Time needed: 5 to 6 days
  • Distance: About 150 km


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