How bad are storable food?

Storable food simply refers to the type of items you keep with you that can be useful during an emergency or when there are situations with minimal nutrition.

Are these really bad?

In storable food, the most common thing you will notice is that they are highly dense with calories.

Are they useful for survival?

Most storable food products are made with ingredients that are hazardous to your health. Among that which would most prominent are:

  • Supplying nutrition means using of sugars and starch that were refined
  • Producers use GMO corn and soy which are extremely harmful

How bad is it?

In a recent study in the United States, ingredient labels of storable and survival foods produced by major brands were filled with the following:

  • GMOs
  • Chemical additives that were dangerous
  • Pesticides
  • Empty calories

That list itself would raise all the red flags itself.

Do we have a choice?

Yes you do! Go organic. There are now storable foods that are organically produced. Read the labels or visit your local organic products supplier and start storing foods that are free of GMO, pesticides and all that harmful material that comes with the usual, conventional items.


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