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Datuk Sheila Majid – Jentayu Spa, Jerneh skincare

Datuk Sheila Majid Jentayu Spa Jerneh skincare

Datuk Sheila Majid is known for her beautiful voice where she had delivered some of Malaysia’s best hits like ‘Lagenda’ and ‘Sinaran’. Today, Sheila is known to be a successful entrepreneur where apart from being involved in the music industry, she owns a host of renowned Malaysian brands like Jentayu Spa, the Akarkarya Music Studio,… Read more »

Winnie Loo – A Cut Above

Winnie Loo A Cut Above

Winnie Loo’s name and picture is always seen in the ‘A Cut Above’ hair saloons, one of Malaysia’s most well-known hair companies. She is a hair-dresser, an entrepreneur, a visionary and a truly Malaysian icon when it comes to hair styling and such. Winnie’s passion in hairdressing started off when she was very young where… Read more »

Bidayuh women told to be cautious of foreign drug trafficking boyfriends particularly Nigerians

Bidayuh women

Datuk Dr James Dawos, the Deputy Minister of Tourism has warned the Bidahuy women in Sarawak to be cautious of any syndicates who are operating in their community who might be out to dupe them into carrying drugs to other countries. Dr James said that the syndicates which are foreign drug traffickers have been using… Read more »

How moms can save time

How moms save time

It will not come as a surprise to see moms that are overwhelmed with the fact that they try to fit everything from their work and home life into their hectic schedule. Not many people can accomplish this and for those that can it is very rewarding. On top of the responsibilities that were mentioned… Read more »

Simple make up tips with fantastic results

Simple make up tips

Nail Care If you have never tried this then you should. Studies have shown that tapping you nails on a hard surface on a daily basis promotes nail growth. To make sure that your nails look healthy and young you should moisturize the nails as well as the cuticles and to keep your nails clean… Read more »