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Rules of Badminton

Rules of Badminton

In 2006, International Badminton Federation (IBF) introduced a new scoring format in which 21 points rally format will replace the existing 15 points rally. Since then, it has became an official scoring rule. According to the basic badminton rules based on the new 21 points rally format, in order to win a match, players must… Read more »

TT Sports Paintball Park

Recognized as the largest paintball park in the country by Malaysia’s Book of Records, TT Sports Park aims to provide you wit the utimate sports and recreational playground for paintball enthusiasts For general inquiry please send an email to Email: [email protected] TEL: (6)03-5638 8969, (6)03-5635 6969 FAX: (6)03-5638 9969 Adult Package  Description  Weekdays  Weekends / Public  Holidays  Starter Pack … Read more »

Quek Leng Chan- A Gambler who always wins

Quek Leng Chan

Tan Sri Quek Leng chan is the co-founder of the Hong Leong Group Malaysia, one of the largest banks in the country. He is currently the sixth richest man with wealth of RM8billion. As a tycoon, Tan Sri Quek is known to be quite a gambler, where he is not afraid to take risks but… Read more »

Public Bank is Teh Hong Piow and vice-versa

Public Bank is Teh Hong Piow

Unlike many other tycoons and billionaires of Malaysia, the third richest Malaysian Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow does not lose his focus. This prominent banker used what he knew best and trained in, worked on it for years and built his empire and wealth around it. Tan Sri Teh embarked on a very unique strategy… Read more »

MEASAT Satellite Systems

Measat Satellite Systems

Formerly known as Binariang Satellite Systems Sdn Bhd, Measat Satellite Systems Sdn Bhd is the satellite operator in Malaysia. Measat means Malaysia East Asia Satellite and it is the name used for all the communication satellites it operates. The company is led and managed by T Ananda Krishnan or A-K, currently the second richest man… Read more »