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Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab is typically a dish that is common when one is dining at a seafood restaurant. It is one of the tastiest dishes for anyone who loves seafood where it is both a challenge as well as an achievement to enjoy. It is said that a seafood restaurant’s reputation often hinges on whether how… Read more »

What is motherhood

A woman enter the world of motherhood from the moment they find out that they’re pregnant. Once you find out that you’re expecting a baby, women tend to practice great care and caution in an attempt to protect the loved one inside. But bear in mind that motherhood is beyond that. Besides biological mother, surrogate… Read more »

Child in the car – danger or safety

Most of us are well aware that keeping our children in the car sometimes is safe. Whether we are re-fueling the car, going to the toilet, withdrawing cash at the ATM or anything at all, it seems that leaving them in the car would be the best possible solution. After all, if you are in… Read more »

Your baby’s first words

The baby’s first few words are usually met with tears of joys of the parents. As you wait and anticipate for your child’s first words, which you will hope that it would be ‘daddy’ or ‘mommy’, any other word that comes close would be good enough for you. Hence you will accept ‘dada’ as ‘dad’… Read more »

Communication through sign language with toddlers

Now that your baby is born, you tend to want to talk to them with the hope that they are able to understand the message you are trying to convey. Many a times you will find some responses highly amusing and encouraging but a lot of other times have you pretty much talking to yourself… Read more »

Tips about Corporate Financial Management

What exactly is financial management? Basically, it refers to the management of finances in a business, corporation or organization with the sole purpose to achieve particular financial objective. Among some of the most common financial objectives are to increase the organization’s earning, focus on returning cash of shareholders and generate sufficient return on investment by… Read more »

Why are Family Values important?

In any family, it is with utmost importance that you are well aware of the family values. This could be in terms of traditions, practices, cultures and such and if such values are determined and upheld, then you will find that teaching the children and having a harmonious family environment would be always present. This… Read more »

Tips to be successful parents

As far as parenting are concerned, all parents want the best for their kids. This is vitally important as we often believe that we would be the best people who can guide them through life and teach them the best education they should be receiving. Whatever the circumstances, you will need to learn about parenting… Read more »

The importance of family planning

Family planning is crucial as it educates young people particularly minor about pregnancy and the consequences due to unwanted pregnancy. Raising a child is harder than you think. Of course, besides financial stability, couples must also ensure a suitable home environment to bring up a kid. One small mistake can change your future and affect… Read more »