May 8, 2003

So, you want to marry your girlfriend. What will your children think?

Failure in marriages is not anything new today. In fact, it has become quite a normal phenomeno...
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April 29, 2003

Confinement period: Tips and guides for a happy confinement

Confinement refers to recovery period after a woman gave birth to a child. In order to return t...
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March 22, 2003

Confinement taboos

Confinement practices vary between cultures. Mothers should understand each rule of confinement...
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September 12, 2002

Indian beliefs during confinement period

Based on Indian beliefs, confinement period for mothers who just gave birth last for 40 days. S...
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August 2, 2002


So, you are getting a divorce and no one will teach you that this is something that is only don...
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July 29, 2002

Practical and illogical confinement practices

There are tons of practical as well as illogical confinement practices passed on from generatio...
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July 4, 2002

Belly Beef with Fermented Bean Curd

Ingredients: 600g belly Beef with skin 500g (medium sized) taro (yam) Meat marinate: 3 cubes fe...
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October 14, 2001

Items needed during confinement period

Once you have applied for your maternity leave and gave birth to a baby, it is time for you to ...
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August 8, 2001

What to do when your child tells you “I’m gay”

This is perhaps one of the most sensitive subjects that a family could ever face. We are not li...
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July 17, 2001

Human Resources in Malaysia

Malaysia with a population of almost 30 million is made up of Peninsular and East Malaysia. Sim...
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