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Women leaders would be better peacemakers than men

Women leaders

According to a recent book published by Steven Pinker, a Harvard University Psychologist entitled ‘The Better Angels of Our Nature’, he concluded that the world would be much peaceful if women were in charge and that while violence against women were still very much present, it was gradually declining. This is because in today’s world,… Read more »

How to make your partner to dress more ‘sexily’

Make your partner to dress more sexily

One of the hardest and most challenging tasks men have to face is to tell their girlfriend/wife/partner to dress more ‘sexily’. In fact, it is almost like telling an artist how to paint because as far as the woman is concerned, they are ‘sexy enough’.  The thing is, men often find themselves wanting their partners… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Remain Single before 30

You Should Remain Single before 30

Friends and buddies are always questioning the need to ‘settle down’ and get married when you have yet to enjoy all you can being a bachelor. Apart from the fact that you can enjoy your total freedom, you have more time and space. So here are 5 main reasons why you should.

The best positions used in public sex

Best positionsin public sex

Okay, this might not be something you do everyday or know of anyone who does but you never know if you actually need it. So what are the best positions when you get to have sex in public? Assuming that there is no fear in getting caught, here are some of the best positions.

Repeating that orgasm move

Repeating that orgasm move

It is a constant challenge and one which is not achievable all the time. Orgasm for her is considered a trophy at times because chances are you are not sure if she is faking it or not. After all, it is easy for them to fake it. Arching her back, her pitch goes higher and… Read more »