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Top retail baby and kids stores

It is a common sentiment for parents when you start having kids to dress them up to your liking. You could get cool clothes when you are pregnant but you will surely start buying for your baby too.  In some cases, they look good in just about anything they wear but this might not be… Read more »

Top maternity wear stores

Having a baby is a happy feeling. It means that the mother-to-be will be putting on weight (inevitably) and change the way you dress and such. Because of this, there is a need to change your wardrobe temporarily until the baby is born. However, the change will only be temporary and with the contemporary range… Read more »

Top Science and Technology Classes

Studying in schools about science and technology might not be sufficient for your kids unless they get to practice or experience how science really works. There are many places and attractions that give your kids the best experience when it comes to learning. Best Science and Technology options As one of the most developed countries… Read more »

Top Indoor Theme parks in Malaysia

Malaysia has some of the most exciting places of interest as a tourist destination. Besides the islands and beach resorts, there are many places of interests for those who opt to stay indoors so as not to get burnt by the heat and sunlight. Top indoor theme parks There are several theme parks that operate… Read more »

Top Zoos and Animal Parks

As a tropical country, Malaysia is home to some of the most exotic animals in the world. Many species of animals can live in this climate without much problems and this is where a lot of tourists will like to come close with. Zoos and animal parks The best places to see animals up close… Read more »

Allergies in babies

One of the biggest challenges in parenting is when your baby falls sick. While medication can cure most problems like the common cold and fever, some conditions are harder to determine. This is when your baby gets an allergy reaction and the irritation can be quite disturbing. What is an allergy? Naturally, an allergy is… Read more »

Jaundice in Newborns

Jaundice is a word you will hear a lot especially when you have a newborn. It is among the most common health conditions among infants and can be quite troublesome. What causes Jaundice? The culprit behind jaundice is a chemical called bilirubin. This is when the chemical builds up in the blood and then shows… Read more »

Asthma among babies

When the lungs and the airways suffer inflammation, it could cause breathing. This chronic disease can range from mild to serious and would require a lot of constant monitoring. Asthma can be critical Asthma is one of the common conditions among anyone. Adults are able to articulate the condition and look for help but when… Read more »

When your infant is having a cough

Coughing can be very annoying especially if they do not go away after a while. This could be caused by a prolonged medical condition or could be more serious. If your infant is having a cough, it becomes more troubling. Is coughing serious for babies? Coughing is usually caused by some form of irritation along… Read more »

Poop colours among babies

Communicating with your baby would be one of the biggest challenges since they are still unable to speak. As new parents, we tend to look for ways to understand our babies better. Did you know that one of the most effective ways to do this is to look at the baby’s poop? Different coloured poops… Read more »