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Clean up your Facebook and stop other apps from taking your data

Recent news have reported that Facebook is facing a crisis after a revelation from British political research company Cambridge Analytica that it has obtained information from Facebook users. This includes that of 50 million users through a ‘legitimate’ method. Gone are the days when safety was only about your child. It now affects adults too…. Read more »

Manners you never knew really MATTERED!

Social etiquette has often been an issue especially if you are out and running networking in your job. At times, the issue of etiquette has been so overlooked some quarters believe that it is no longer necessary. Are manners no longer relevant? There is quite a different between etiquette and manners. When it comes to… Read more »

Top tricks when you are in airports

Travelling can be a breeze if you are all prepared for the unprepared. You need to be ready and make early plans to not fall sick when travelling but when you are at the airports, there are always things you can do to make the wait more bearable, especially when there is a delay. Tips… Read more »

Getting your baby to sleep easily

A crying baby can be very distressing because it feels almost impossible to stop them. According to many reports, one of the most common reasons why your child cries in the middle of the night is mostly because their pacifiers dropped from their mouth or when they have problems like teething or fever. Doing the… Read more »

Top Activities in Malaysia

Looking for a 360 degrees holiday destination? Choose Malaysia because this is where you will find a bit of everything. In fact, look no further, you get a lot of everything.. and MORE!! Best of everything under one roof What makes Malaysia such an enticing place to visit is that you get to enjoy all… Read more »

Top Jungle Resorts

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination mainly because of its multi-cultural background and traditions. Besides that, it is known for its lush vegetation and rainforests which are all around the country. From Lake Gardens to Taman Negara and other national parks, there are a lot of options if you like to go on a holiday… Read more »

Top Museums in Malaysia

One of the ideal ways to see and understand Malaysia when you are visiting is by visiting the museums. These are buildings that house a certain theme, usually historical to give you insights and a one-stop centre to find out about the background of the place and you can add this as one of the… Read more »

Top Sports Activities

There are a wide range of places and locations you can go to if you are a sporty person. From gymnastics to soccer, performing arts to golf, you will surely be spoilt for choice if you know where to go and what to do. Factors to consider There are several factors that you should consider… Read more »

Top music and Performing arts centre

Performing arts have been an integral part of the rich Malaysian culture and tradition for decades. Besides the visual arts that have been quite a popular movement in the country, the performing arts segment has been growing by leaps and bounds as more people are showing interest. Top Music and Performing Arts avenues Over the… Read more »