Are you ready for the new range of Roti Canai?

Having Roti Canai happens every day in Malaysia. More so if you are in urban cities like Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown where you can find a mamak shop at nearly every corner of shops and commercial centres.

The conventional Roti Canai

It is very easy to just order Roti Canai in these shops. In fact, it has already been labelled as one of the so-called ‘national’ food. Besides the standard Roti Canai which is plain and taken with curry, dhal or sugar, there are others like:

  1. Roti Telur
  2. Roti Planta
  3. Roti Pisang
  4. Roti Sardin
  5. And the list goes on..

Roti Valentine

This is a trademark of Valentine roti. For a few dollars more, you get to get an extension of Roti Sardine. It comes with mixed vegetables and sardine wrapped within the infamous Roti.

Roti Beckham

With a name like that, it will surely pull in the crowd. After all, it is David Beckham we are talking about here. How is tuna, turkey, mayonnaise, cheese and eggs are related to him is anybody’s guess. But it is worth a try anyhow.

Roti Jantan

The word jantan means ‘masculine’. How it works is that they put in 2 eggs instead of one (the more common Roti Telur). This is somewhat targeted for the men who believes that having 2 eggs increases their libido.

Roti Tampal

Tampal means to paste. It is actually roti telur as well. However, instead of being cooked mashed up in the inside, the egg is ‘tampal’ on the external part of the roti.

Roti Sweet Forever

Why is this called Sweet Forever is a mystery but its filled with corn, some mint and ice-cream. Guess its perfect for lovebirds or couples.

Roti Maggi

If you have been to the mamak shop often enough, you will know the wonders of Maggi Mee and what they can do with this instant noodle. With Roti Maggi, they packed the roti with Maggi inside. They will fry the maggi first before inserting into the plain roti. Simply marvellous!

Roti Scrambled

This is somewhat the fusion between burritos and roti canai. It is one of the most creative roti canai around. Roti kosong is cooked with a mixture of other ingredients like eggs, sausages and chicken meat. And to top it all, they even put in some mayonnaise too.

Roti Hawaii

If you like the Hawaiian pizza then you will know what to expect with this. Basically, they use the same ingredients like pineapples, cheese, meat and sausages all stuffed into the roti kosong.

Roti Jepun

This variant will have you thinking if they will put wasabi but the ones that are around now only have cheese, milk, margarine and eggs. But don’t discount it yet, someone will surely find a way to add wasabi or even sushi in there soon.

Roti Fujima

This is somewhat an extension of Roti Jepun which basically is roti pisang added with ice-cream usually put on top. Interesting isn’t it?

Roti Banjir

Many claims that this has been around for some time now but it is still not as celebrated like the others. Banjir which means flood is targeted for the lazy eaters. What they do is that they break the roti to bite-sized pieces and then using dhal or curry, ‘floods’ the entire dish.

Roti Tsunami

Comes from the Tsunami word, it simply means major flooding. Besides that curry or the dhal, they add in 2 soft-boiled eggs and flood the entire dish so you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of dipping at every bite. In other words, this is the extension of Roti Banjir.


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