Are you a YouTube addict?

Are you a YouTube addict?

The most important part about solving a problem is to first know you have a problem. And spending too much time on YouTube is a problem.

In fact, you find yourself being hooked to YouTube that you are just surfing aimlessly. YouTube, like other social media can cause problems like depression and addiction. So if you are thinking about YouTube all the time, below are some tips on how to stop being an addict.

First, recognize that you have a problem. Remember, every hour spent on YouTube is an hour wasted that can be used for other purposes.

Try to spend more time not using the computer. And this includes the smartphones which come with data plans. Perhaps think about going for a jog, football or other hobbies like chess or congkak.

Television is a great diversion. Remember the pre-YouTube years when you used to catch series on TV? This is a good time to revisit that passion.

If all else fails, maybe it is time to use a website blocker to filter YouTube from your internet access. That might just work.

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