Are Expensive Mattresses as good as it claims?

Are Expensive Mattresses as good as it claims?

Mattresses. The one thing that you need for a good night’s sleep. Some are less than RM100 while some goes up to thousands of Ringgit. But, are they what they seemed?

Expensive mattresses – Are they worth the money?

On one hand, the mattress is one furniture in your house that you spend the most time on. it should re-energize you for the next morning. So, what is wrong with spending a bit more? After all, it is not easy to cure bad backs.

What you should look for?

There are several factors that you should look for when buying a mattress.

  • Comfort – This should be your first priority above all else. If you sit on it and it does not feel good, then that is not the one for you. IKEA is one of the places you could go where you can ‘try’ the mattresses before deciding. They are affordable as well.
  • Firmness – This is one factor that needs a lot of consideration. Brands like Getha and Goodnite are known for their firm mattresses. You need to have stability when you sleep.
  • Price – This is of course an important feature. King Koil, Getha and Natura are some brands that you might find affordable. Once you have decided on the comfort and firmness factors, then look for one around your budget
  • Size – While you might like large beds, not every size works. For you and your spouse, a queen sized bed might suffice

Top brands in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the following brands are quite popular and you can find them in most shopping centers and furniture shops:

  • Getha – Among the most established with more than 40 years in the market
  • Goodnite – Another established brand which comes with a wide range of bedding items. Its Spinahealth range is among its most sellable products
  • Dreamland – This brand is quite popular among Malaysians
  • KingKoil – The name has been around for more than a century, think about it!
  • Napure – Promotes healthy sleeping through its firm and sturdy mattresses
  • Natura – It is the Spanish word for ‘nature’ which comes with a full-range of mattresses and other bedding products
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