Apps for students in the digital world

A student’s life can be very exciting especially in the digital world we live in today. Because you are on your smartphones all the time, you may as well make use of the apps that are made to make your life better.

Technology and education

It is very common that a lot of schools have already adopted online classes. Video conferencing, online tutorials, quizzes and such are among those that are widely used. These days, even social media are being used for teaching and learning. Here are some additional apps you can use to complement your learning.

Staying focused on these apps

One of the biggest challenges you face as a student is to keep your concentration and staying focused. Use these apps if you have poor management of time.

  • Cold Turkey – This app is ideal to stop you from doing anything else but school work.
  • 30/30 – This app helps to time your studying process. An alarm will ring every 30 minutes so you can keep track of how much you should be doing at every interval.
  • Self Control – You can basically block certain sites for a certain period of time. This is the perfect app to block out YouTube for 3 hours during the time when you are supposed to study.

Have a personal tutor in your phone

  • Chegg Study – This app has a database of questions from homework and assignments. If you have a question, you can actually try to get help here.
  • Edrolo – When you install Edrolo, it is like having a personal tutor in your phone. It tests you on what you are currently learning and chart areas you need to improve.
  • Duolingo – One of the most popular language-learning apps around, it is free and very easy to use.

Resource sharing and note-taking

When it comes to learning, nothing beats the sharing of resources with your course mates. Many apps are designed for such purposes such as:

  • Google suite – Nothing really beats Google when it comes to organizing your resources. Google Calendar integrates with your Gmail which in turn works with Google Classroom. Notifications can be enabled to stream on your phone.
  • Dropbox – One of the best in this segment, it is the place to store your files and data. Share them, drop them, download or upload.
  • Evernote – This is perhaps the most popular app used for note-taking and works every time. You can then share it with others and collaborate on details
  • I Annotate – This app allows you to take notes on PDF files and then use them on your phones.

Getting away from distraction

It is crucial to move away from any distraction when you are studying or working on an assignment. Apps below will help you get there.

  • Noisli – This is perfect if you are trying to focus in a café or a discussion room. This app blocks out the noise by playing different types of sounds.
  • – Everyone knows it is relaxing to sleep in the sound of rain. This app does nothing but gives you the sound of rain that soothes the mind.
  • Headspace – A perfect app if you are planning to meditate and relax. This app is among the most popular and has been downloaded by over 4 million people.


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