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AmMetLife is one of the many renowned brands in insurance products and solutions across Malaysia. Operated under AmMetLife Insurance Berhad, it was formerly AmLife Insurance Berhad before the strategic partnership between AmBank Group and MetLife International Holdings. This took place in 2014 and it now offers a wide range of products in this market for Malaysians from all walks of life.

Local and Global Names

This partnership brings together 2 reputable names in the finance and investment industries. Ambank Group is one of the largest banks in Malaysia which ha been around since 1975. MetLife on the other hand was established since 1868, making it one of the oldest global names in this industry.

Products and Packages

In Malaysia, AmMetLife offers a wide range of products and services offering coverage against accidents and other events. The stability and renowned names offer customers peace of mind and good returns on investments through the respective policies.

General Protection

  • ProtectEase – This is a Guaranteed Issuance Offer that comes with coverage for the policyholder between 17 and 70 years old.
  • ProtectElite II – A standard premium and investment-linked plan designed for protection in the future.
  • ProtectSecure – This plan comes with investment and protection coverage which is affordable.
  • ProtectLink – An investment-linked policy that comes with comprehensive coverage.
  • ProtectPlus – A family plan which is affordable and practical.
  • Protect20 – A Regular premium term plan with coverage for 20 years against death or Total and Permanent Disability.
  • ProtectSecure Prime – Coverage for financial insurance in the event of mishaps.

Commitments protection and credit

Products in this category provide coverage for policyholders that come with protection including family members.

  • Reducing Term Assurance Plus – This plan helps to finance any outstanding amounts on business loans should any unfortunate event occurs.
  • Mortgage Level Term Assurance – Protection for mortgage loans.
  • Decreasing Term Assurance – This plan will finance any term loans in case of death or Total and Permanent Disability which can then reduce the burden for the family members.
  • AmMetLife AutoLife – Helps to continue financing the car/vehicle. in the event that the policyholder is unable to service the loan due to accidents or death.
  • Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance – This plan covers the property or home in the event of any unfortunate event.
  • AmMetLife Mega – This is a single premium whole life plan with added protection.

Health and Medical Related

Medical expenses can be unexpected and high. With a medical or health plan, these bills can be taken care of which can take away the stress or additional burden for the individual and family members. AmMetLife offers packages in this category through:

  • HCC BoostUp + HealthCare Choice – This is a comprehensive and stress-free medical plan that comes with protection and coverage to help pay for the medical bills.
  • ProtectIncome – This hospital income plan helps to reduce the financial burden with income payout if required.
  • HCC BoostUp Rider + HealthCare Choice Rider – This plan is derived from 2 riders put into one for better and higher comprehensive medical coverage.
  • HealthCare Daily Cash – Provides compensation for loss of income in case of hospitalization.
  • AmMedic Flexi Plus – More coverage for medical expenses which could increase.
  • ProtectPrime39 – This plan is designed to offer some form of financial help when the policyholder need treatment.
  • HealthCare Secure – Comes with multiple claims and double payout.
  • Coverage for Genomic Test for Cancer – This coverage goes until the age of 100 with every high annual limit and most importantly for genomic testing.

Investment Related 

AmMetLife packages in this category are designed to offer better financial security snd stability for the future which includes:

  • Amcapital – This is an investment plan that comes with comprehensive insurance coverage with good returns for the future.
  • Secure Wealth – A good plan to start investing for the future.
  • WealthSecure Smart  – Good coverage and protection in situations of unwanted situations which helps to lay the foundation for the future.
  • WealthSecure Max – This is an endowment plan that comes with guaranteed cash payment with insurance coverage.
  • AmMetLife Wealth – This is a single premium insurance policy that comes with good flexibility for different phases of a lifetime.
  • GoldenRetirement – It is never too late to plan for retirement with this plan that comes with insurance and income after the age.
  • AmMetLife SecureBuilder – This is an investment plan designed to provide financial stability for the future.
  • AmMetLife SecureGuard Plus – This plan is a unique package that provides protection and financial support. Comes with 10-years extended protection after 21 years without any need to pay more.

Packages for Companies

AmMetLife also offers insurance packages for companies and corporations mainly through group-based products. Among them include:

  • Group Term Life Insurance Scheme – This includes protection and coverage for employees and related assets. This plan is renewable annually where employees are given 24-hour protection under one master plan which makes it every easy to manage.
  • Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance Scheme – A single-premium plan that provides claims and helps to cover hospitalization expenses for employees within a group.


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