Allianz Malaysia Berhad

Allianz is among the oldest names in insurance globally. Part of the Allianz Group in Germany, Allianz Malaysia Berhad started in Malaysia in 2001 and has since been operating and expanded rapidly ever since.

Subsidiaries and Services

Allianz Malaysia offers a comprehensive range of insurance products and services through its subsidiaries which are as follow:

  • Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad
  • Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad
  • Allianz General.

Transportation-related insurance packages

This covers insurance products and packages that involve privately owned vehicles as well as for those who take transportation services. They include:

  • Comprehensive Cover, Third-Party Cover and Third-Party, Fire & Theft Cover – Standard insurance for private vehicles.
  • Allianz Motorcycle Plus – Package designed for motorcycle owners
  • e-Hailing Add On – Additional coverage for e-hailing drivers and passengers
  • Road Warrior – Standard package for coverage that includes breakdowns and other support.
  • Enhanced Road Warrior – Additional coverage with towing and other services.
  • Bike Warrior – Protection for maintenance and breakdown for superbike owners.
  • Travel Insurance – Insurance for traveling and peace of mind during vacations.
  • Allianz Flight Care – Includes coverage for flight delays and other mishaps.

Property Insurance

  • HouseOwner & HouseHolder Insurance – Protection coverage for homes and contents.
  • Smart Home Cover – Customizable plan to suit the needs of the policy holder.
  • Allianz KampungKu – Protection for homes in Kampungs like wooden homes.
  • Homeguard – Protection for personal belongings and members of the family.

Life and Medical Related

  • Allianz MoneyBack – Protection with cash payout.
  • Allianz PremierLink – Protection for holder and members of the family with high sum assured.
  • Allianz PowerLink – All in one product with protection and investment features.
  • Allianz PrimeLegacy – Protection and investment for future.
  • Allianz i-EssentialCover – Life insurance product with coverage for total permanent disability and death.
  • Power Shield – Term life insurance with flexibility.
  • Allianz Kasih Hayat – Coverage including death which is affordable and flexible.
  • MediSafe Infinite+ – Product with very comprehensive medical coverage.
  • MediAdvantage – Coverage that includes overseas medical services.
  • Allianz Care Individual – Standard medical insurance for individuals.
  • Allianz Booster Care – Additional booster for more coverage of current policy.
  • Allianz Diabetic Essential – Catered specifically to cover diabetes and treatments.
  • Allianz i-HospitalCash – Provides daily cash benefits in the event of hospitalization.
  • Enhanced HealthVantage – Coverage includes emergency, cancer and kidney treatment of up to 81 years of age.
  • Prime Care+ – Provides safety net in the event of loss of income.
  • HealthCover – Financial source in case of critical illness.
  • HealthCover Plus – More coverage of up to 70 critical illnesses.
  • Allianz Cancer Protect – Catered for coverage against cancer.
  • Allianz i-Cancer Care – Coverage for patients with cancer from the early stages.
  • Child Guard – Protection for children up to 9 child-specific illnesses from pregnancy stages.
  • Lady Guard – Protection for women on known female-related diseases.
  • Man Guard – Coverage for men specific illnesses.
  • Allianz Lifestyle Protect – All-in-one product for the modern lifestyle
  • Allianz Shield Plus – All round 24/7 protection for policyholder.
  • ATM Shield – Protection against theft at ATMs.
  • Golf Master – Provides peace of mind for the golfer including personal accident coverage.
  • Premier PA Plus – Provides a safety net for family members in case of accidents.
  • Personal Accident – Standard coverage against personal accidents and other mishaps.
  • Allianz Motorcyclist Personal Accident – Protection and coverage for motorcyclists.
  • Drive Smart Shield Individual – Protection for drivers and passengers of private cars.
  • Allianz Student Personal Accident – Package for students in school in case of an accident and other mishaps.
  • Domestic Servant Insurance Scheme – Insurance package for domestic helpers.
  • Special Occupation Personal Accident – Catered for those in high-risk jobs.
  • Personal Accident Rider  – Additional coverage as top-up for current personal accident insurance.

Investment and Savings Products

  • Allianz PrimeSaver – Savings plan plus protection for the future.
  • FlexiSaver – Flexible plan that comes with insurance coverage and savings.
  • Prime Income – Short-term investment-linked plan.
  • Allianz EduPlus – An investment savings plan for the education of the child.
  • WealthCover – An investment-linked plan to boost future stability.
  • Allianz PayorCover – Helps to pay the premium for the policyholder in event of disability due to accidents or other mishaps.
  • Allianz SecureCover / SecureCover Plus – Protection for family members when the policyholder is unable to due to accidents or other incidents.

Business Insurance

For businesses, there is a long list of products offered by Allianz which are very specialized and focused. This includes:

  • Fire Insurance, Fire Consequential Loss Insurance, Smart Retail Shield, All Risks Insurance and Allianz Property All Risks.
  • Burglary Insurance,  Glass Insurance, Money Insurance, Fidelity Guarantee, Allianz Hotel Shield Package Insurance and the others.

Other types of insurance that are provided by Allianz include:

  • Hole-In-One Insurance
  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Marine Hull Insurance
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Contractors’ All Risks Insurance
  • Erection All Risks Insurance
  • Boiler & Pressure Vessel Insurance
  • Machinery & Equipment Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  • Civil Engineering Completed Risks Insurance
  • Contractors’ Plant & Machinery Insurance
  • Deterioration of Stock in Cold Storage Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance – Electronic Shield Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Loss of Profit Insurance
  • Mobile Plant & Equipment Insurance
  • Storage Tank Insurance

Employees and Human Resource Related

For employers, there are individual and group-based insurance that can be acquired through Allianz that covers:

  • Foreign Workers Insurance
  • Workmen’s Compensation
  • Allianz Care SMI (Company)
  • Allianz SME Choice Plus
  • Group Hospitalisation and Surgical
  • Group Term Life
  • Group Outpatient Clinical
  • Group Personal Accident Types
  • Group Personal Accident
  • Drive Smart Shield
  • Special Occupation Group Personal Accident
  • Timber Workers Group Personal Accident
  • Fisherman’s Group Personal Accident


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