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Over 50 years in business

In Malaysia, AIA has been around for more than 50 years, dating back to 1948 when it started. Since then, AIA has grown to become a reputable and stable name, working closely with its partners in the finance industry through more than 15,000 Life Planners nationwide. This is provided through services and packages such as retirement planning, Family Takaful, General Insurance, Health and man others.

AIA Group recorded a total asset worth of more than RM57 billion, serving its 3.7 million customers through its network of service centers and corporate offices manned by more than 2,600 employees. This makes it one of the most financially-stable and viable names in the market.

Subsidiaries and accolades

AIA General Berhad began operations in 2018 where it provides general insurance products like motor insurance and commercial services. To date, it has recorded more than 500,000 customers through its AIA Life Planners network and other channels. Meanwhile, AIA also provides Family Takaful products for Malaysians through AIA PUBLIC Takaful Berhad, a joint-venture between AIA, Public Bank and Public Islamic Bank Berhad. Another subsidiary of AIA is the AIA Pension and Asset Management Sdn. Bhd or APAM is involved in asset management and Pension Retirement Scheme products.

As one of the leading names in the insurance industry, AIA has won numerous awards and recognition. In 2019 alone, AIA had  won:

  1. The Best Corporate Healthcare Provider and Best Corporate Wellness Provider at the HR Vendors of the Year 2019
  2. Best Cross Platform Campaign ad The Drum Awards
  3. Bronze at the Malaysia Effie Awards 2019.

Products and Services

AIA’s products and services are catered to both individuals and businesses. For individuals, products are carefully designed to cater to areas such as life protection, critical illness, medical, savings and investment, personal accident, motor and vehicles, properties and others. For businesses, AIA offers packages that cover employees and commercial insurance services.

AIA Vitality is a program that rewards members for leading a healthy and fit life. For RM10 per month, it helps to track and manage the lifestyle of the member where they can earn AIA Vitality Points for every healthy activity they carry out.

Life Insurance Products

AIA’s provides a wide range of products for life protection catered for everyone with a specific budget and desired coverage. This includes

  • A-Life Ikhtiar – A generic life insurance product catered for anyone between 14 days to 80 years old.
  • A-Life Wealth Care – This is a plan that provides rewards if for good paymasters with high coverage.
  • A-Life Fleksi – Flexible and manageable plan with low premiums.
  • A-Life Kasih Famili – The plan with benefits for the family in case something unexpected happens to the policyholder.
  • A-Life Joy-i – Protection for the child while the mother is expecting.
  • A-LifeProtectTerm – Customizable plan catered to a specific budget and level of protection.
  • A-Life SuperJunior – Coverage for kids from early childhood to early adulthood
  • A-Plus Disability Cash – Coverage for policyholders as a financial source in case of disability.
  • A-Plus Payor-i & A-Plus PayorCI-i – Protection and coverage for the family members in case of unwanted incidents.
  • A-Plus PayorExtra and A-Plus PayorExtra-i – Standard and Takaful package to ensure a child’s investment-linked plans continue to grow in case something happened to the policyholder.
  • A-Plus Legasi – Ensures your family continues to have financial sources after the policyholder is not around.

Medical Insurance Packages

  • A-Plus Total Health – Coverage of up to 80 years of medical coverage.
  • A-Plus Health Booster – A medical rider optional for policyholders of A-Life Med Regular
  • A-Plus Health and A-Plus Health-i – Standard and Takaful medical insurance package.
  • A-Plus MedCare and A-Plus MedCare-i – Standard and Takaful insurance with the Personal Medical Case Management package.
  • A-Life Medik Famili – Comes with no lifetime limit for policyholder and family members.
  • A-Life Med Regular – Standard medical plan with no lifetime limit.
  • A-Plus HospitalIncome & A-Plus HospitalIncome Extra – Coverage for loss of income during hospitalization
  • A-Plus BabyCare and A-Plus BabyCare-i – Standard and Takaful package for baby from pregnancy to early childhood.

Insurance for Critical Illness

  • A-Life Beyond Critical Care – For those between 16 and 80 years of age with complete coverage for critical illnesses.
  • A-Life Cancer360 – A plan for protection against cancer for most stages.
  • A-Plus Junior CriticalCare-i – Protection for children from known critical illnesses.
  • A-Plus Multi CriticalCare and A-Plus Multi CriticalCare-i – Coverage for continuity of policy payment to holders post-critical illness.
  • A-Plus Venuz-i & A-Plus VenuzExtra-i – Coverage mainly for the physical and emotional wellbeing of women.
  • A-Plus GenNext-i – Package to protect holders at early stages of cancer and heart conditions and in situations of being jobless due to critical illness.

Investments and Savings Packages

  • A-Enrich Wealth – Offers an investment package of up to 20 years.
  • A-Enrich20 – Comes with guaranteed cash payments with insurance coverage.
  • A-EnrichGold-i and A-Enrich Gold – Standard and Takaful versions with guaranteed cash payments.
  • A-EduAchieve 2 – For future education of the child that comes with protection and investments.
  • A-Plus Enrich20
  • A-investLink

Personal Accidents packages

Packages designed to protect the policyholder from unexpected incidents.

  • Flex PA – Coverage for any financial implications post-accident.
  • A-Plus Accident Shield & A-Plus Total Accident Shield – As a booster for more coverage against accidents.
  • Twin PA – Product with cash payout in the event of accidents, permanent disability or death.
  • Medical Enhancer – Booster product for medical coverage.
  • Living Protector – Used in case of accidents through cash payout.
  • Crime Guard – Protection against personal crime.
  • Family Shield – Protection and cash payout for families in case of accident to the policyholder.
  • Child Plus – Protection and coverage for the child in case the breadwinner meets with an accident or passes away.
  • Deluxe PA
  • AIA Student Accident Shield – Tailor-made packages for students.

Insurance for properties

  • AIA Fixed Rate Mortgage – Used for new purchases as well as for refinancing.
  • A-Essential Home – Protection for the home and the contents against theft or other damages.
  • AIA Fixed Rate Mortgage

Motor and Car Insurance Packages

  • Family Drive – Coverage and discounts for family
  • Comprehensive Private Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Online Products and Packages

Designed for convenience and flexibility, customers can buy the following products:

  • AIA One Plan
  • AIA Starter Plan
  • AIA Med Basic

Corporate ane Commercial Products

AIA offers the following packages for commercial and corporate members.

  • Employee-related packages – Includes products for SMEs, Corporate Companies and Employees
  • A-Commercial Plus – Catered for businesses such as retail, clinics, schools, offices, F&B and others through yearly renewable options.


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