AIA A-Enrich Wealth

What is the A-Enrich Wealth?

The A-Enrich Wealth is offered by AIA which is a plan that helps you to save and grow your money. It is a feasible plan that will enhance your financial planning for the future whether you need funds for your children’s education, a holiday or for retirement purposes.

What is the highlight of the A-Enrich Wealth plan?

With this plan, you will enjoy a short-commitment payment term which is only 10 years and enjoy the coverage and cash returns of up to 20 years. What this means is that you would only need to pay the premiums for 10 years and enjoy the returns for the next 20 years where there will be an increase of percentage in cash payouts every 2 years. In other words, you enjoy peace of mind for the long term once you have an active policy.

Who is eligible for the A-Enrich Wealth?

This plan is available for anyone from as young as 14 days and up to 65 years old. RM20,000 is the minimum sum assured for this plan.

Do I get any protection from the A-Enrich Wealth?

Yes, you do. This plan pays up to 200% of your coverage amount should anything unfortunate happened to you like death or TBD (Total Permanent Disability). Should any of these unfortunate events occur to you due to an accident, the company will pay 300% of the coverage amount including any amount you have in your account.

What are the returns like in this plan?

An Investment Booster will be added to your account every 2 years when the policy is active. This means that you will get:

  • 10% of the Annualized premium in the second, fourth and sixth years.
  • In the eighth, tenth and twelfth years, 20% of your annualized premium will be added.
  • In the fourteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth years, 30% of your annualized premium will be added.

What happens when the plan matures?

When your policy matures, you will get up to 500% of annualized premium including any amount value in your account. On top of that, if you have not defaulted any payments or made any withdrawals, an additional 40% of your annual premium payable will be paid to you.

Do I have add-on options for this plan?

Yes, you can add other plans to give you more protection and coverage. This includes plans like the A-Plus Waiver, A-Plus Parent Waiver and the A-Plus Parent Waiver CI, among others depending on your affordability.



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