Advice on how to treat those damaged hair

treat damaged hair

Have you ever watched those commercials where the girls are waving their hair as is it was cotton? And no matter what we do, we find it impossible to get the effects that we desire, so we are still stuck with the same dull and straw like hair that is not only unattractive but also frustrating for some. Some have associated this problem to genes, as it was passed down from either your parents or even both. Other says that you would develop the lack luster hair through your own actions such as curling, blow drying, straightening and all the other things that we do to ourselves in the name of vanity.

Here is a list of what you should or should not do to your hair as a means of improving the current situation that you are experiencing right now. These are just simple, common sense knowledge that most of us might already know but just fail to pay attention to. They are not magical solutions that will turn your hair instantaneously to those hair flipping actions that you see on television but if you follow the steps and don’t give up, you might even be surprised by the results.

Combs and hair are very important

The one thing that you should be concerned with is to be gentle with your hair, so when you are combing your hair, make sure to use a comb that has a wide tooth as compared to the ones that have narrow ones. If you think that buying a metal comb will last longer, maybe you are right but your not your hair won’t and do not comb your hair after a shower when it is wet as wet hair stretches more easily causing it to get damaged or break. If you want to style your hair then use natural bristled brushes. Like facial foam which is manufactured to suit certain type of faces, this goes the same for shampoos. Before you go out to shop for shampoo the next time around, make sure you know what type of hair you have and in this case it is dry or damaged hair.

This is because this type of shampoo is considered to be mild which will not further suck away all the essential oil from your hair that you are already lacking in. Baby shampoo is an alternative that you can also try as it is extremely mild. It is best recommended that you do not shampoo daily especially for those that have this condition, three times a week should be fine already. Just wet your hair on the other day and always use a hair conditioner. For those that have long hair when you are shampooing, try to target the scalp area as well as the hair that is closest to it. It is of no use for you to pile all the shampoo on to your head and lather it vigorously as you may cause even more damage such as breaking it. Instead when you target the scalps you are cleaning not just that part but once you start rinsing it will clean the rest of your hair as well.

Avoid hair dryer

Like stated previously about the tresses being blown freely in the wind, we recommend that you do not try it as it is not healthy especially for people that are experiencing dry hair. The wind will completely dry out your hair very fast, so please do not take the risk. It is best to trim off the dry ends, this may seem heart wrenching at first but once you get over the initial shock you can actually see the results with your very own eye. There is no point of keeping the long hair if it is damaged. Moisturizers can do wonders for your face and the equivalent for that is leave-in conditioner which can be applied and you do not have to rinse it out. The conditioner will help you manage those frizzes and also help protect your hair from the dryness.

Avoid chemicals and artificial products

You should never swim in a chlorine invested pool or in the sea where the salt content is very high especially when you do not have any protection for your hair. This is because when you swim in the water that has high levels of salt in it, the salt will actually draw out moisture from your hair making it even drier than before it was. A solution for this is swim caps but for the ladies that have very long hair, it might seem awkward for them to stuff all their hair into the cap they can opt for another solution which is to use protective hair products with SPF or even a dab of olive oil could do the trick. Like stated previously it is best recommended that you do not brush your hair when it is wet as you could damage it even further and be gentle with your hair instead of vigorously drying it with a towel.

Vanity is something that we are all guilty of but please do not do it at the expense of damaging yourself and in this case your hair. So try to not blow dry your hair or use other tools that can potentially damage your hair like iron curlers. If you want to dry your hair the best way to do this is using air that is all around you. However, if you do not have any choice and still need to use these tools try to not use it on a daily basis and for each session never use more than one. The blow dryer should never be used on soaking wet hair, what you can do is let is dry until it is barley damp before using the blow dryer. The reason for this is to minimize the exposure of your hair to the heat as less heat means less dryness and damage. Also do not crank up the styling tools to the maximum setting and never use the ones that have alcohol.

The remedy for dry and damages hair

Believe it or not but mayonnaise works as a great conditioner for your hair but try not to use the store bought ones as they are just loaded with processed ingredients. It is actually pretty easy to make your own mayonnaise at home and you will have the assurance that the ingredients that are going into the mayonnaise are all natural products. However, if you do not have the time, try and look for the organic mayonnaise. Use the mayonnaise by applying it onto your hair for an hour or so, if you do not have the time and you are in as rush, 5 minutes should do the trick as well.

Conditioners that are loaded with lipids and omega-3 can also be used as it is a great way to replace the lost moisture. Oil can also be used to help you with the dry and damaged hair. There are a variety of oils in the market right now that can do wonders for your hair such as safflower oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and the latest trend currently; emu oil. They might not all suit you, so go and try them and see which one have the best results. The method of applying the oils is to apply it first and then wrap it with a plastic wrap and cover it with a towel so that you can keep the heat inside. After that rinse your hair with cool water, shampoo it and finally use conditioner.

Well, these are the tips for those that are experiencing dry and damaged hair. The key to all this is not a magic pill that you can just take but it is actually patience and perseverance. If you fail the first time, do not let that put you down as there are basically numbers of methods that you have not tried yet. So keep on going at it until you can achieve that wondrous looking hair that you have always desired.



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