Accident Law in Malaysia

Accident Law in Malaysia

Let’s begin by defining what an accident is; basically an accident is an unfortunate and undesired event. When this occurs it will usually result in a loss, personal injury or damage. Examples of an accident can be collision, loss of life, injury to any person, disablement and material damage or expenses that the innocent party will have to pay even when it is not their fault.

What is the significance of the Accident Law?

Any accidents that happen with either create a minor intrusion in your daily life or it can even be a major life altering experience. When you understand the law about accidents, you would at least know your rights when and if it ever occurs. So for example your knowledge in this may help you in dealing with the situation promptly, resolve your claim as fast as possible so that you are able to put this unwanted experience behind you. However it is still best that you consider legal assistance; the reason for this is because some of the insurance company may take advantage of your inexperience when they are handling your case.

Why is a lawyer necessary when an accident occurs?

A lawyer will come in handy to provide you with legal advice and if necessary represent you in court if the person that was responsible for the accident refuses to take responsibility and pay for the damages caused. If this happens your lawyer will file in a claim against the other party. You might also need legal help from the lawyer so that they can help you defend a claim which has been made unfairly by the other party. Even the thought of just going to court can be quite daunting, so the presence of the lawyer might be useful to reduce your emotional stress if not for the legal advice.

Are lawyers required for all accidents?

The answer is no, this is because if the damage is minor than very often both the parties will settle the matter with the quick exchange of a small sum of money and just leave the matter behind without pursuing it any further. Usually in such circumstances that is how people would normally handle such situations. However, of that is not the case and the accident that you were involved in was not minor, resulted in a disability, material damages, huge medical expenses that are not covered by the insurance, permanent injury or scarring, then in such situations it is best that you consult your lawyer about the matter. The lawyer will not only advise you on the matters that relate to the accident but they will also help you recover the expenses and damage that you sustained.

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    sometime, those who are poor they are not able to engage a lawyer to represent them in cases involving major accident.

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