35+ Funny Illustrations Proving The World Has Changed For The Worse

35 Funny Illustrations

Why are the good-old-days always behind us? Sure, your TV is 20lb lighter than it was 10 years ago, but you’ve put on 20lb of weight in the meantime; your old Nokia cellphone was so durable it damaged the floor when you dropped it, but your new iPhone costs as much as a fresh organ on the black-market, and shatters into pieces at the slightest touch.

This open-list has some of our favorite then-and-now comparisons. Can you think of any funny juxtapositions? Vote on your favorite below, or post your own!

1. Teachers In 1960 And 2010

2. Mail Then And Now

3. Tv’s Then And Now

4. Before And After Smartphones

5. Cellphones Then And Now

6. George Lucas Then And Now

7. Evolution And Philosophy

8. Gaming Then And Now/

9. Evolution Of Cellphones

10. Wasting Timeline

11. Running Then And Now

12. Then And Now

13. Birthdays Before And Now

14. Cellphones Then And Now

15. California Then And Now

16. Then And Now

17. Then And Now

18. Before And After Smartphones

19. Evolution Of Baggy Pants

20. Going To Mcdonalds Then And Now

21. Then And Now

22. Then And Now

23. Then And Now

24. Then And Now

25. Before And Nowadays

26. Gaming Then And Now

27. Playground Then And Now

28. Dinner Then And Now

29. Then And Now

30. Dinner Then And Now

31. Gaming Then And Now

32. Role-playing Then And Now

33. Father’s Day Then And Today

34. Before And Now

35. Birthday Songs Then And Now

36. Being Then And Now

37. Before And Now In Schools


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