15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Keep In Mind

15 Fashion Hacks

1. Sweat Stains

Sweat stains on your clothes can be embarrassing, and annoying. You can use panty liners to stop this from happening.

2. Deodorant Stains

You pick out an outfit, get ready for the day, and look really cute. That is when you look down and notice the deodorant stains on your shirt. Ugh. Don’t worry; there’s no need to change – remove the deodorant marks with baby wipes!

3. Keep Jeans In Your Boots

Do you find that your jeans are just not staying in your boots? Use mitten clips on the bottom of your pants to hold them in place!

4. Sleeve Rolling 101

Everyone should know how to roll up their sleeves properly. This how-to can show you the way.

5. Keep Your Fly Up

Flying low? Loop a key ring through the zipper and hook it over the button. That will keep you well zipped.

6. Underwire Repair

When the underwire pops out of a bra and pokes into your skin all day, you may be tempted to through out the bra. Don’t! Apply a piece of moleskin on top of the hole, and bam! No more underwire digging into your skin!

7.  Unruly Shirt Collars

If you have an unruly collar that won’t sit right, there is no need to get out the ironing board, just use your straightener to do the trick!

8. Smelly Shoes

Stinky shoes? Put tea bags to absorb the odor and keep them smelling fresh.

9. Brighter Whites

Spray your white shirts with lemon before throwing them in the washing machine to get rid of and prevent yellow sweat stains

10. DIY Vintage T-Shirts

Love that soft feeling that vintage t-shirts have? You can have that on any t-shirt!

11. No-Slip Strapless Bra

Wrap a bra strap around to keep your strapless bra from slipping.

12. Keep Those Buttons In Their Place

Use clear nail polish to keep on a button that is starting to unravel

13. Waterproof With Wax

Waterproof your shoes with wax!

14. Glitter Up Your Shoes

Take your heels from drab to fab with glitter!

15. Fit Any Style of Jeans Into Your Boots

You can put any kind of jean into boots!


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