The importance of family planning

Family planning is crucial as it educates young people particularly minor about pregnancy and the consequences due to unwanted pregnancy. Raising a child is harder than you think. Of course, besides financial stability, couples must also ensure a suitable home environment to bring up a kid. One small mistake can change your future and affect a person’s life.

Family planning requires mutual agreement between partners and that means, men must support and participate during decision-making processes. In other words, men must attend pre-natal classes and learn everything to raise a child. Instead of burdening their wives to handle everything in a child’s life, husbands should take control and work together with their wives.

Family planning is always important to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Bear in mind that unwanted pregnancies may lead to abortion and perhaps, may even affect a person’s mental health. Abortion is damaging women as the surgery can cause convulsion, heart attack and even death. In addition to that, unwanted pregnancies especially among teens also lead to other bigger and more serious issues such as unsafe abortions with unregistered medical practitioner and abandoned babies.

Take Malaysia as an example. The number of abandoned babies are rising due to unplanned pregnancies. As these minors are unprepared to raise a child due to various reasons, with no other options left, they can only abandon the infants. Well, one person’s pleasure is another person’s mistake. When the couples engaged in a sexually active relationship, they fail to realize the impact of unplanned pregnancies. This is when family planning comes in handy.

Individuals must take consider family planning as a serious matter and be responsible of their choices. Babies should be conceived by choice and not by chance. Therefore, couples must be well-prepared financially and emotionally before the baby is born. All in all, partners should decide the right timing and spacing to conceive a child to ensure that the baby is raised in a healthy manner with suitable home environment.



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